Ultra Fast Fibre-Optic Broadband

Getting excellent broadband speeds to Rosehill has been the key vision to making a success of our development and we wanted the connectivity to match the standard of the environment. Broadband is such a major problem in rural areas that the government is investing over £500m in improving supply, but timelines or completion dates were not given to our area. Thus we made a very forward thinking decision to make it our aspiration to develop our own links independent of any of these projects.

We have connected the Rosehill Business Centre directly to a tier 1 UK Carrier fibre; this makes us the first property in the area to benefit from a super-fast, synchronous, 100Mbit Broadband Internet connection. This is unique in the area and will enable technology companies and business customers to consider a rural retreat without the loss of connectivity. As we are also keen to cater for technology customers, this connection has been commissioned with scalability, on a fibre capable of being upgraded in bandwidth to 10 gig without the need for a new installation. It is connected to major UK telepresence’s at an affordable price point for IP transit. This can be arranged through our dedicated technical consultants.

Bandwidth: Rosehill ISP is a business grade service which provides download bandwidths of 10Mb/s. to 10 Gig. The service is ‘business only’ which means that there is no competition for bandwidth from bandwidth-hungry residential users.

Usage: When Broadband is used for business, download totals can reach high levels. Rosehill has no usage limits. That means any number of files can be transferred, or days can be spent browsing online without worrying about being charged for excess usage. We do also offer transfer services for those in the media on a pay-as-you-go basis. If you need any pricing or customisation please contact our technical team.

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